Enjoy  Art with your coffee!
In conjunction with villagemugs.co.uk I have provided artwork  for a range of ceramic and porcelain mugs. 
These feature town and village scenes painted in the same retro style as can been seen in my Retro Gallery.
I have also added a range of digital illustrations in 30's style Poster Art
For this venture, I have chosen not to receive a fee, but instead, to donate my commission on each mug that is sold to Fairleigh Hospice,
Initially , I provided six paintings of views in and around Writtle village, including inside the church.  The range has now been extended to include other Essex towns and villages, and some include the village sign.

To view all available images, progress to the linked galleries entitled
Retro Mugs and 30's Poster Mugs

To purchase your mugs, please go to the Village mugs website
by following the link below.​​​​​​​
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