A Free Spirit of the 60's
David Schreiber is an architect who took up painting in retirement. which has now become his "Encore Career".
Having spent his whole life in design and creativity, with his last 13 years as Chief Architect for the Forte Hotel Group, he now has the time to do what he enjoys rather than what needs to be done. What he enjoys, apart from painting, includes golf and motorsport, particularly MotoGp and F1.
Three years into retirement, he picked up a paintbrush for the first time since his grammar school days, and tried the expected thing by painting normal scenes, portraits or animals.
Whilst normal subjects tested his painting skills, they did not provide enough of a mental challenge nor stand out in the wider "art world".  So playing to his strengths, and using his love of architecture and design, he moved on to painting and drawing subjects that required creative thought, consideration and composition.
The first series in this manner was his "Retro" paintings, which evoked a time in our living memory. By taking old images, recreating old scenes into new compositions and populating them with monochrome figures.  Each  image includes in the background a small map or "location plan", a typical element on many an architect's drawing!
Maps which are now so readily available on the web, together with satellite mapping and 3D capability, became another source for inspiration.  These form the basis for more artwork, both paintings and drawings, and started a transition into the more obscure, leading to abstract compositions.  A combination of architectural elements and cartography creating unique abstracts that belong to a "place".
The variety of his work is now encapsulated in his Art Magazines and other publications.

If anything you see is of interest, he would love to hear from you.
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