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I continue to publish a series of Art Magazines in an affordable format, but in high end semi-gloss finish, heavier weight cover, newsstand sizing, and priced at only £10.00.  Each is 24 pages including cover.

Chelmsford: Paintings, Pictures and Poetry. This is a mixture of my own paintings and drawings in and around   my home town, together with my personal thoughts expressed in poetry.

Retro Paintings: Examples and Techniques. A series of nostalgic paintings that recall a time not so long ago.

Light, Shade & Shadow: Chiaroscuro, Sciagraphy and more. The simplicity of monochrome paintings.

Japan: Paintings, Pictures & Poetry. More works influenced by my experiences of this fascinating country.

Faces: Animals, Portraits & Poetry. Heads in all shapes and sizes, with a little light poetry.

Ceilings: Look up and wonder. Some amazing ceilings from around the world, drawn in pen and sepia ink, before being painted in acrylic.

Realism: This magazine explores the precise and literal realism of paintings infused with intensity.

Architectural Abstracts: A magazine version of the Architectural Abstracts paintings in my Coffee Table book

Essex Villages: Retro paintings for Village Mugs.

English Mediaevil Churches: Church architecture across five centuries

Ink & Wash : Paintings in a particular style with added poetry.

Classical Sculpture:  Greek & Roman mythology, Biblical and other classic sculpture.

Fineliner Drawings:  Absurd drawings illustrating a surreal story of animals in human guise. 

Architectural Art: An architect's drawings and sketches purely as works of art.

Nature in Colour: Watercolour paintings and sketches

"Art, Architecture & Maps"

I have published a coffee table book primarily to illustrate my architectural abstract paintings to aid the viewer in his appreciation of the thought processes involved and better understand the artwork.
It also includes a selection of my retro themed and traditional paintings, and concludes with a few "off the wall" artworks.
The book is hardbound, 13 x 11in., printed on 52 pages of Proline uncoated paper to achieve the best quality images, and priced at £50.

"Architectural Anecdotes"
Anecdotes, memories and moments  from my life in architecture, together with a few illustrations.
The book is hardbound, approx. 9 x 6in., with 89 pages and priced at £30.
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