Art has no boundaries.
Art can be anything you can imagine.
 Art gives you freedom without responsibility.
There are no rules .
Welcome to  " my" world.

Installation Art
The physical presence of an object where it is not expected creates immediate interest.
Here, a racing motorcycle has been positioned against a mural in my first floor studio
A Halloween joke or serious art?
"In a foreign field"
A combination of elements united to tell a single story.

During the 100th anniversary of the Great War, I chose to express my thoughts in a piece of three dimensional art. Not strictly a piece of sculpture, in that it was not carved or sculpted, but an assembly of elements with added colour to achieve a single message.
Inspired by the poem "The Soldier" by Rupert Brooke, I thought about that "foreign field that is for ever England", and imagined lost human remains  emerging from the soil over time.
The bones may be weathered, as nature took its course, and maybe became covered in moss or lichen.
Maybe plant life would grow through where it could.
Taking a white resin skull, I cut off the back of the cranium so that it would lay flat.
This I weathered and added lichen. I then used military ordinance.
A German stick grenade and a couple of rounds of .303 ammunition became the emerging plant life.
I thought this appropriate, as having caused death, they now represented life.
Entitled "In a Foreign Field", this memorial piece represents life after death, and the futility of war.

The basic elements and finished artwork

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